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Fred Eichler FullDraw Pack

The Fulldraw was designed by Fred Eichler as the perfect do-it-all pack. Carry you bow or rifle in any outdoor pursuite. A great bug-out pack with an adeal size frame and carrying capacity.

Fred Eichler Cordovan Tab

The Fred Eichler Cordovan Tab is a cordovan tab with a leather top overlay for strength and a durable rubber back. It is designed for the best "feel" of the bowstring, and the cordovan allows for a smooth, quick release. Fred has had this tab custom made for him for the last 20 years, and this unique custom design is now available to all bowhunters. Made in the USA.

Fred Eichler Signature Leather Armguard

Fred Eichler is one of the elite few bowhunters to have completed the Super Slam, taking all 29 North American Species with his recurve bow. So with a reputation like that, you know Fred would only put his name on the most effective and high quality archery gear made... gear like this USA made...

Fred Eichler Fletching Cover

"Whether you shoot pink feathers or not....if your feathers don't blend in it can cost you an animal, especially if your stalking on the ground. I like this camouflage water resistant fletching cover to help me blend in and to keep my feathers dry in rough weather." - Fred Eichler

Fred Eichler Armbands

"I have used rubber bands for years as an inexpensive way to keep my clothes out of the way of my string. These Camobands are the perfect solution for an inexpensive sleeve retainer. That is why I prefer them over a bulky armguard." - Fred Eichler

Fred Eichler Cap Wrap Arrow Enhancers

These cap wraps are 7" long and made to fit carbon, aluminum, or wood shafting of a 5/16" diameter or less. Works best with four inch feathers. Instant cap dips! No paint, no fumes, and no waiting! Just peel off the protective backing and wrap around shaft. Aluminum, carbon, or wood , it works on all of them. Use any fletching cement with confidence (EXCEPT Duco). Packaged 12 wraps per package.

HOYT Buffalo

The Fred Eichler Signature Series Buffalo is packed with deadly accuracy and sweet shootability. The Hoyt Buffalo is the high-tech stickbow with key traditional features, including a double-radius shelf for ideal clearance and point-and-shoot ergonomics for instinctive accuracy.

Outdoor Edge Fred Eichler Pro Guide Knife

NEW!  Outdoor Edge has teamed up with professional guide / outfitters and TV personality Fred Eichler to offer hunters the same custom knife design he has used for years. The Fred Eichler Pro-Guide is a hand crafted drop-point skinner with 3.25" mirror polished German 1.4116 stainless steel blade. The full-tang handle is contoured from polished G-10 with red Micarta spacer and mirror polished 420 stainless steel guard. Gripping serrations on top of the blade ensure greater control when skinning and caping. The Fred Eichler Pro-Guide comes complete with hand tooled side-carry leather belt sheath. The "2012 First Production Run" is limited to 1200 pieces.

RRA LAR-15 Fred Eichler Series

RRA Fred Eichler Series Free Float Handguard with Full Length Top rail and 2.5 Inch Rail ar 3,6,9 O' Clock

Eichler Elk by Montana Decoy

Fred Eichler nailed it! This elk decoy – designed by Fred Eichler – is the most portable full-bodied elk decoy you can carry in your pack. Not content to get by on looks alone, the Eichler Elk decoy sets up quickly...

Eichler Antelope By Montana Decoy

When noted hunter, outfitter and writer Fred Eichler wants a decoy, he reaches for a Montana Decoy. He likes them so much he once again worked hand-in-hand with us to design his signature antelope decoy...

Conquest Scents- Elk Scent

Predator Scents enhances predator hunting or can ALSO be used for creating a “SMALL PEST” barrier to keep unwanted animals away!

LAR-15 Fred Eichler Series Predator 2

RRA Fred Eichler series free float handguard Extended Length with Full Length Top Rail and 2.5 inch Rail at 3,6,9 O' clock

Conquest Scents- Coyote Scent

We have taken our patented stick process and made the application of our Elk Herd In A Bottle® easier and more convenient for the hunter. Advantages of the stick are: ease of application, re-sealable container, no spilling or leaking, will not freeze...


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